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Our office “Nisim & Cohen-Nissan” was founded in 1996 and is a role model for all the leading offices in the civil and commercial field. Our office provides professional and reliable legal service on request in the legal fields, in civil-commercial and public issues, both to public bodies, government offices, local authorities, private companies and private individuals.

The firm’s uniqueness lies in the highly experienced knowledge of the firm’s attorneys, who are known and recognized for their rich experience in the field of economics and accounting, a field that enriches their legal knowledge and imparts a unique tone and diverse views. Our office sends its branches in all areas of law and provides legal, professional and reliable service mainly in the areas of torts, enforcement, contracts, banking, trade, traffic accidents, employers’ liability, realization of mortgages and pledges, real estate and real estate, labor law and social security, social security, legal Banknotes, taxation and construction, international customs, real estate taxation, commercial litigation, arbitration, antitrust, tenders, intellectual property, communication and the Internet and more.
Our offices accompany well-known clients, including large corporations and government companies, leading business organizations, as well as local authorities

Our office regularly deals with litigation in all judicial and quasi-judicial courts and in all courts throughout the country. Our office has an average of hundreds of appearances per month, including preliminary proceedings, proofs, appeals and petitions.
Our office represents individuals, companies, government companies and the state. both as plaintiffs and as defendants in civil and criminal proceedings.

Our office is located in Haifa and consists of a team of experienced and skilled lawyers and management. We note that a significant part of our clients are located in remote areas and therefore, the firm’s representatives are prepared and available to our clients throughout the country. The firm has 7 permanent lawyers, 3 interns and pre-interns and 25 permanent secretaries (including computer specialists and HTLPA clerks) who accompany the firm in its legal work. The firm is maintained with many computer stations and backed up with the latest legal software in the field.

It goes without saying that part of the office’s current work is done in foreign languages, such as English, Arabic and Russian, which are familiar to the lawyers and help in providing maximum personal attention to the client. The atmosphere in the office is pleasant and cordial and the employee relations are based on mutual respect and are characterized by listening and sensitivity to the client’s needs, at the same time as striving for a common goal.

Our office excels in providing professional, thorough, legal and reliable care, based on fairness, honesty, patience and reliability, which serve as a violin at the feet of the office’s employees and guide those engaged in the craft in any affair and dispute that arises.

Our firm has no doubt that the firm’s staff will be able to provide anyone interested with legal services at the highest level, with maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Our security is based, among other things, on the fact that a considerable part of our customers are customers whose affairs have been handled by us for years, to their satisfaction and as part of the Nisim & Cohen Nissan family.
We will be happy to add you to our circle of customers.

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