Our Specialties


The Tort and Insurance Department, headed by Adv. Mordechai Cohen-Nissan of our office, attaches great importance to thorough and reliable work in all areas of tort, including claims for personal injury, property damage, work accidents, road accidents, nuisance suits, defamation and injury to one’s good name. The advocates in the Department possess extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience in the field and provide professional service to a high legal standard, thus safeguarding the client's social and financial rights, with the shared goal of restoring his or her prior position and obtaining adequate compensation. Our office represents a wide range of both private clients and institutional clients, as well as government entities.


Complex real estate transactions are routinely executed by our office; these range from the initial stage of drafting the contract, through signature and concluding with legal registration of transfer of rights, including both private and commercial properties. The advocates in our office have extensive and varied experience in all aspects of real estate taxation, and issues of defective construction, real estate (repetition). Additionally, inter alia, our office specializes in expropriation matters and drawing up tenders.


For many years our office has specialized in matters of concern to local authorities, municipal unions and municipal corporations. As an integral part of this specialization, the Local Authorities Department, headed by Adv. Zohar Nissim, serves as legal adviser to diverse municipal corporations, economic companies and municipal unions, and provides outsourcing services to various legal departments at these authorities. The Department provides ongoing assistance to local authorities/municipal corporations in all necessary legal proceedings (including administrative, immovable property, labor, tenders, contracts and commercial issues). Representatives of the office attend council meetings and various municipal committees in order to both initiate and implement programs.


The office routinely represents a wide range of clients, including private clients, commercial companies, public bodies, and local authorities. The office specializes in the field of civil-commercial law and is skilled in litigation in all the courts throughout the country.


For more than a decade, our office has provided assistance to complex projects in the field of transport infrastructure (including expropriations, evictions, assistance with statutory proceedings, contracts, tenders and claims for reduction in value), as well as litigating in these fields and monitoring implementation. Inter alia, our office assisted in establishing and continues to assist the Metronit routes in the Haifa District, the cable car project, Highway 89, the establishment of the Merkazit Hamifrats Integrated Transport Centre, NIP 12A as well as other projects. In addition, our office handles legal issues related to public transport (regulation, class actions and accessibility). The office assists in large-scale projects, representing various authorities in the State of Israel–both national government and local authorities, private developers and contractors participating in large-scale infrastructure projects.


The office routinely works to resolve business disputes in employer-employee relations. Our advocates provide ongoing assistance to leading organizations in the economy, non-profit associations, and commercial and private companies, including conducting complex litigation in the Labor Court; our advocates possess extensive knowledge in the field, which assists them in finding appropriate legal solutions for complex legal issues.


The Family Law Department handles complex divorce proceedings, including inter alia claims for marital reconciliation, applications for interim relief, drawing up divorce agreements, division of property, including claims for division of partnership, and such related matters as custody of children and visiting rights, wife's and children's maintenance, and drawing up property agreements. The advocates appear both in the Family Courts and in the Rabbinical Courts throughout the country.

Debt Collection Proceedings

Our firm performs debt collection for leading companies and entities in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on providing debt collection services using four methods, which include warning letters, instigated telephone contact, prosecuting actions at the various courts throughout the country and by the Effectuation of Judgements Bureau agency, and all while making use of a novel computerized system and magnetic media.


Adv. Zohar Nissim and Adv. Mordechai Cohen-Nissan are licensed notaries and provide all required notarial services, including inter alia authentication of signatures, authentication of translations (English-Hebrew-English), certification of life, and certification of copies.


A considerable portion of the office's work is dedicated to complex tax issues, both in civil and criminal proceedings, including taxation of immovable property, betterment tax, VAT, income tax, company tax, capital gains, levies of all kinds and other matters, all requiring in-depth analysis of the matter at hand, review of relevant case law and legislation and thorough work to the client's satisfaction.